What does Headcount do?

See why your clipboards and call trees will soon be a thing of the past.

Real-time Status Updates

When a person's status is updated in the Headcount app, everyone sees the update instantly.

  • No need to complete the checklist before communicating status
  • No need for a group leader huddle to cross reference lists
  • Incident Command instantly knows status and can allocate resources accordingly

Simple Check In

The Headcount app is designed to be simple and intuitive to use under the stress of an emergency.

Updating a person's status at the assembly point is as simple as pushing a button.

  • Using pen and paper is slow and error prone
  • Headcount uses badge photos to easily identify people at the assembly point

Badge Scan Check In

Leverage technology already inside your employee badge system to rapidly and accurately account for people at the assembly point.

A simple scan of a badge will check a person into the Headcount system.

  • Scanning badges is faster than looking for people in the crowd
  • Scanning badges is more accurate than accounting for people manually

Remote Check In

Check in remotely with Headcount's SMS and email messaging.

  • Check in quickly and rapidly while being in a different physical location than your group leader
  • Removes the need to assemble to be accounted for, which is particularly an advantage in active shooter and terrorist situations where groups of people are targets
  • Remote check in using SMS/email also acts as a self check in method, which is the fastest
  • SMS check in works on any device, including flip phones

Broadcast Communication

A one-to-many communication over SMS and Email to coordinate the crowd.

  • "Evacuate building 1. There is a fire."
  • "We are relocating our assembly point to the parking lot due to smoke."
  • "It is safe to return to work."

Two Way Communication

Send two-way messages in a one-on-one conversation with the group leader, allowing critical questions to be asked.

  • "where do I go?"
  • "where did you last see George Yates?"

Device Compatibility

The Headcount Web app works on any device and any operating system - phones, tablets, and computers.

Even people with flip phones (you know who you are) can participate in the SMS remote check-in process.

Redundant Networks

Headcount uses both the SMS and Data networks on a cell tower so there is an automatic backup communication channel built in.

  • If one network goes down, the second one is already being used so the team can still communicate
  • Voice networks often get jammed in emergencies due to too many phone calls being made, which is why SMS and Data is more reliable
  • First responders sometimes take over the voice network so they can communicate
  • There is no extra configuration needed for this feature, it comes with Headcount for free, out of the box

Reliable Delivery

The Headcount technology is designed to reliably deliver millions of messages extremely fast.

The Headcount engineering team has experience building highly resiliant critical systems from when they used to work at SpaceX.