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Case Study: 4 Game Changing Steps Wright Medical Used to Reduce 11 Minutes from Their Emergency Drill Time by Using a Mobile Headcount Solution in Just 30 Days.

10,000+ people already use these to significantly improve their emergency response time and protect their organizaiton.
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What You Will Learn

  • The well known, but poorly understood way to account for people that instantly cuts minutes from your response time.
  • The new check-in paradigm that changes everything.
  • The little known check-in method that makes a huge difference and costs little to no extra money.
  • The key reason mobile headcount solutions fail that is hidden in plain sight and how to avoid it.

OSHA Requirement

  • OSHA Requirement 1910.38(c)(4): "Procedures to account for all employees after evacuation;"

OSHA Recommendation

  • OSHA Recommendation: "Take a head count after the evacuation"

Case Study

Derrick McNeal
EHS Manager, Global
Wright Medical

Derrick reduced his drill time from 17 minutes to 6 minutes, while also improving accuracy.

"The functionality you get in the palm of your hand rather than going to a clipboard is irreplaceable.

The end user experience is hugely beneficial. It is simple, visual, intuitive, and can be accurately used with little to no training."

Case Study

Richard and his team used to spend significant time just accounting for people, but now use a new checked-in method that accounts for 51% of their population within the first 5 minutes and without doing any extra work.

Richard cut his headcount time in half by having 300+ people use a new check-in method that is only possible with a mobile headcount solution.

"I highly recommend it for anyone trying to improve their emergency management efforts.

It is fast, easy to use, and flexible to work in many emergency scenarios."

Sr. Manager, Emergency Management
Fortune 500 Company


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Graeham Ford-Feliz

Co-Founder, CEO

Previously hired by Elon Musk at SpaceX to help build a high performant ERP system from scratch. SpaceX has been operating on this software product since 2011.

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Max Weber

Co-Founder, CTO

15 years experience building highly resilient enterprise software including spending time with Graeham at SpaceX where he optimized infrastructure to improve performance on a system responsible for delivering over $1 billion in annual revenue.